Whistler Peak Lodge – a Ski Lodge Review

For my stay in Whistler, I chanced upon a good deal for a ski lodge in an online hotel booking app. The property is under Whistler Peak Lodge but it is referred to as a standard studio unit. Even though I have stayed at various hotels and resorts in Whistler, this was my first time staying at the Whistler Peak Lodge which has one of the best locations in the village. The Whistler Peak Lodge has shops on the ground floor facing the village and is located not far from the bus loop where I was dropped off at from the bus service that runs between Vancouver and Whistler. This made it convenient for skiers who takes the bus, since most people staying in Whistler do not really need a car.

Exterior of the Whistler Peak Lodge

Lobby reception was located up a set of stairs up on the second floor, so for guests arriving from the village by bus, it can be somewhat difficult to find. For access from the village plaza, there is an elevator on the corner to get to there. Guests driving would arrive via the driveway just outside the lobby. Inside the lobby, it was furnished simply with a couple of armchairs on the right, and a ski rack on the left where guests can drop off their skis or collect them in the morning for storage.

Armchairs in the lobby

Room was not ready when I arrived at 9:45am, which is expected. The usual routine would be for me to go skiing first and I was provided a key card to access the spa, toilet and changing rooms. Meanwhile, my luggage would be stored at a locked room beside the lobby.

Room No: 415 Category: Standard Studio

Upon my return to the lodge in the afternoon, I was provided with my room key by reporting at the check-in counter again. I was provided with directions on the elevators to take, as there was 2 sets of elevators that provides access to the rooms and the village. The room I had reserved seems to be one of the more standard suites and is located in Building D. Both Building D and A are actually connected along the hallway, with the difference being to which set of elevators the rooms will be closer to.

Lodge building D layout

Upon entry to room 405, it has a bathroom located on the left side of the door. Bathroom is quite small with a basic countertop, toilet and bathtub shower combination. There is a shelf atop the toilet for storage and a hanger behind the door.

Bathroom with bathtub

Toiletries are mixed brands and it seems there was some older toiletries they were clearing the stock of. No bath slippers were available.

Bath toiletries

The next section houses a large kitchen which has both a washer and dryer. Laundry detergent can be obtained free of charge from the front desk.

Washer and dryer in the kitchen

Kitchen has a useful set of cutleries, pots and pans for cooking simple meals but they did lack a non-stick pan. Basic kitchen equipments like toaster and electric kettle is kept in the cupboard. There is a dishwasher and microwave oven as well. Dishwashing tablets and liquid can be found underneath the kitchen sink. For the dining utensils, bowls were lacking. A large fridge is useful for longer stays, and the complete set of kitchen equipments means it is easy for guests to cook their own meals during their ski week.

Pots and pans in the kitchen

No housekeeping was done throughout my stay but coffee packs, towels and toiletries can be refreshed during the stay, or obtained from the reception desk in the lobby.

Complimentary coffee and condiments

Over on the main room, there was a dining table setup with 4 chairs. The dining table was placed next to the wall and it was quite small for a comfortable dining experience. The setup is unusual due to the need to make space for the murphy bed.

The bedroom has a queen sized bed and a separate murphy bed that can be hidden away when not in use for more space. However this foldout murphy bed would more or less touch upon the dining chairs when used. But when the foldout bed is not used, the room does have plenty of space.

Foldout murphy bed

Closer by the window there is another queen bed, making this suite suitable to accommodate up to 4 adults. There is a bedside table by the queen bed where the telephone is placed. Next to the queen bed, there is a gas fireplace with a ledge that comes in handy to dry your ski gloves and socks. By the window, there was a humidifier and air purifier, which was definitely nice to have in a ski lodge. Across the bed, there was a TV console with a fairly small flatscreen TV and a luggage bench beside the console.

Studio suite overview

The suite assigned for my stay faces the main Village stroll and thus it can get noisy in the afternoon. Fortunately Whistler Peak Lodge is located in the quieter section of the Village and has no nearby clubs so there is less noise from the party revellers at night. However guests seeking a quieter stay should definitely considering requesting a room facing the interior courtyard.

Village view from the room

Ski Facilities

As mentioned earlier during my check-in, the lodge has a luggage storage room that is secure so skiers can leave their luggage before check out and spend the day skiing. The ski rack at the lobby is conveniently placed for guests who do not want to bring their ski gear into their suites, as they can leave it in the rack and collect them at the same place in the morning.

Ski and snowboard rack in the lobby

Spa and Fitness Facilities

Hot tub no longer requires an appointment and is located on the second floor, similar to the lobby level. It is best accessed via the D wing elevators at the end. Towels were provided by the hot tub but because there is only one hot tub and it is quite small, it can get quite crowded at peak times in the afternoon after skiing. The space has a recommended capacity for up to 10 persons.

Indoor hot tub

There is also a small fitness center with several cycling machines and two changing rooms with showers in the same area and the indoor hot tub. The shower room was adequate for guests checking out and wanting to refresh before heading to the airport or back to Vancouver, but otherwise it is not the nicest shower room around in ski hotels.

Fitness centre

Other Facilities

As part of the hotel’s move during the pandemic, there was sanitizers and face masks provided in the hotel lobby, though the best feature of the hotel is the location. There are no on-site restaurants in the hotel, but Whistler Peak Lodge is next to several restaurants including Earl’s and The Keg which are just next door. One of Whistler’s most popular restaurants Araxi is also a short walk away.

Sanitizers and face masks provided at the lobby

For guests staying a week or more in the lodge, the Shoppers Drug Mart which retails necessities and medication is also downstairs and the Whistler Grocery Store is a short walk away. As such I find the Whistler Peak Lodge’s location to be the optimal for guests staying long durations without a car, as they can purchase necessities and groceries conveniently.

Village Centre location of the Whistler Peak Lodge

Final Word

For my stay, the rate was around C$138++(~$106 excluding taxes), and there was an additional booking charge as the property is not a traditional hotel. This was a good deal for a basic lodge that can sleep 4 comfortably, while not luxuriously. Taking into account the prime location, I can recommend this hotel especially when their prices are at the lower end. However if their prices are higher such that it is comparable to other nearby properties, this lodge has limited facilities and services that would not make it my first choice of lodging in Whistler.

Sunset view of Blackcomb from the lodge

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