My first experience of winter sports was when I visited Korea and since then I have relished every snowfall during winter. As a skier and snowboarder, I look forward to trying out the various ski resorts around the world.

With my photography, and my knowledge of travelling I shall share tips and reviews of my adventures in the snowy mountains. I sincerely hope that might entice more people to pick up skiing to view this amazing planet that we inhabit and thus care for it for generations to come!

For those keen to purchase prints based on my photography, I have uploaded some of my best photos on 500px. Please head over there for the selections!

If you would like to get in touch and for any business enquiries, feel free to drop me an e-mail at quirrow-at-gmail-dot-com. Safe travels and happy skiing!

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  1. Love the photos you took. What kind of camera and lens you are using and any tricks to take pictures while in the plane, airport and hotel?

    1. Hi Vic, the newer photos are taken on the smaller Fuji XT1 with 14mm lens. Some of the older photos are from the Canon 5D mk2 with 16-35mm lens. I suggest a smaller camera like the XT-1 or XE-1 for taking photos on planes as they are more compact. Usually I try to board early where there is less passengers when taking photos on planes or wait after the meal time is over when the plane corridors are less busy and you would not disturb the crew. In hotels and airports, take photos when the place is not as busy and try to avoid sensitive areas as some hotels have a no-photo policy. Airports are especially sensitive for security reasons

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