ANA Business Class on the 787-9 from Tokyo Narita to Singapore Changi

After my quick shower in the lounge, I had to make a brisk walk towards the gate as boarding was already called for the flight. Boarding was initiated as indicated on the boarding pass and when I arrived at the gate, Business class boarding was already completed.

View of ANA 787 at Narita
NH801 Tokyo Narita NRT - Singapore Changi SIN 
Gate 27 Seat 8K  
Boeing 787-9 JA893A 

Back in the familiar cabin as the one I had arrived into Tokyo, I head straight to my seat as the crew on this flight seems to be preoccupied. On the seat there was already a blanket and the airweave mattress pad. A pair of headphones and slippers are also placed on the seat.

Main Business class cabin

There was no amenity kit for the regional flights to South-east Asia even when they range from 4-6 hours in duration. Headphones on the flight were Panasonic branded which seems nicer to use than the Sony ones on my previous flight.

Seat 8K

Orange juice and sparkling wine was offered as the welcome drink and I asked if they had the aromatic Kabosu. Another crew handed out a bottle of mineral water.

Welcome drink of orange juice and kabosu

The seat for this flight has no difference considering it is of the same aircraft type as my incoming flight from Vancouver, which is the 787-9. The fittings of the seat though seems a bit worn and the edges are showing its age. Features of the seat are exactly the same with the outdated remote control, USB and power outlets conveniently located on the console. There was a reading light and a a headphone holder on the console as well.

Console at seat 8K

For this flight the last row of the main cabin was quite empty and thus provided more privacy, though the noise from the galley is somewhat a problem during the boarding stages. Flight was delayed due to late arrival of connecting passengers with a short wait before the pullback taking place at 6:32pm.

Last row of the main Business class cabin

Started watching Ghostbusters: Afterlife as we took off after a short taxi to the runway. The sky has turned dark so there was not much view out during the take-off, since the lights around Narita are not as bright as those from Haneda with the Tokyo skyline in view from Haneda.

Japanese movies on the inflight entertainment

After take off the crew announced our estimated arrival time of 00:40 at 25th April. A one hour time difference between Tokyo and Singapore is also mentioned to get passengers prepared upon arrival. Shortly after reaching cruising altitude, the crew served the amuse bouche and took meal orders. The menu for this flight was as follow:

Since I have ordered the Japanese meal, the crew just took my drinks order at this time, at which I had a glass of sake and more Kabosu. The amuse was better than the one on the YVR-NRT flight, which is to be expected since flights departing out of their home hub is expected to have better catering.

Amuse bouche

Next up on the meal was the zensai or appetizer platter, consisting of octopus legs, potato and chicken breast with vinegar, chicken meatball in the container, deep-fried bamboo shoot and shrimp croquette. The zensai was not bad, but the tofu with sesame dressing kobachi was not very good as it has a funky taste in its dressing. The third plate contains slices of kelp-cured red sea bream which is a modified sashimi suitable to be served in the air.

Zensai platter
Angelica keiskei & deep fried tofu with mustard sesame paste
Slices of kelp-cured red sea bream with nori

For the main course the platter consists of simmered mackerel in soy-based sauce with grilled butterbur rolled with beef. The fish was not to my liking even though there was nothing wrong with the taste. It was served with a generous portion of Japanese rice, pickles and steaming hot miso soup which ensures a filling and satisfying meal.

Shusai with rice and miso soup

Last but not least, the dessert service had a choice of either the cheese plate, fruits, or a raspberry cake. I chose the raspberry cake and passengers should be able to have additional choices since I noticed they had extras at the end of the meal service. In addition, I also ordered a cup hot hojicha and an additional snack of Haagen-Dazs ice cream with the dessert.

Dessert choices
Häagen-Dazs ice cream

After dinner the crew came around to handle the duty free purchase that I have made online. ANA has special items that I always seems to be drawn into purchasing. This time round it was their collaboration with popular anime Kimetsu no Yaiba, and I got a few items as memento for my flights with ANA. My purchase was nicely wrapped up in a dark blue bag, another characteristic of Japanese service.

While enjoying the inflight entertainment during the rest of the flight, I head to the galley to ask for some tea from the crew. Along the way, I grabbed some tomato pasta snack and the ANA Original Aroma amenities that was provided on a basket in the galley. Guests could also request other amenities like eye mask, dental kits and ear plugs for this flight.

Tea with snacks and amenities

The crew also took the time to go around the cabin offering duty free purchases mid-flight since the lights were kept on for the remainder of this flight, with most passengers remaining awake.

Business class cabin mid-flight

Since I had been travelling for nearly a day, I reclined the seat to the fully flat position to have a nap. It is definitely a pleasure to have a full flat seat for a regional flight of 5-6 hours.

Seat in full-flat position

I had a nice nap for about an hour and a half before getting up to refresh myself prior to arrival. Around 20 mins before landing the crew came online to ask passengers to fasten their seat belt and refrain from using the lavatories, before we made a smooth approach and quick landing at Changi Airport.

Aft Business Class Cabin

Final Word

With ANA using the same 787 that it uses for its international routes, it provides passengers connecting on flights at Narita or Haneda a sense of familiarity since the seats are similar in design and features. The consistency is definitely an advantage for passengers who prefers that as compared to flying with Japan Airlines, which is ANA’s closest competitor. And because the flights between Narita and Singapore is nearly as long in duration as the one between Tokyo and the West Coast of North America, the lie flat seats are much appreciated at the end of a transcontinental flight. With the wonderful service and the attractive duty free items exclusive to ANA, flying with ANA across the Pacific from South East Asia is a joy and highly recommended!

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