Hampton Inn by Hilton Vancouver Airport / Richmond – an Airport Hotel Review

While I stayed in an AirBNB in Vancouver, I reserved a night at an airport hotel in the suburb of Richmond, BC so that I can head to the airport to take the PCR test before my flight back to Asia. I specifically chose an airport hotel with a free shuttle and decided on the Hampton Inn located along Bridgeport Road. Nestled amongst a bunch of commercial and industrial lots, the hotel is about 2 blocks away from the Bridgeport Skytrain station but I do not really recommend walking to the Skytrain as it is not pedestrian friendly.

Reception desk

Fortunately, the hotel has plenty of free parking spots available and there is also a drop-off porch for passengers taking Uber or taxis. When I arrived slightly before lunch time around 11:30am, the hotel lobby was quiet and I was helped immediately. The lobby of this hotel was similar to that of Hyatt House, Hyatt Place, Four Points, Courtyard by Marriott and Holiday Inn Express hotels. Next to the reception desk, there are luggage trolleys which guests can use to carry their luggage to their room but because of the limited service nature of this hotel, there are no bell desk or concierge services here. Rather there is a shelf stocked with tourist information in the same room where the luggage trolley is found. There is also a room for left luggage storage that is secured by the receptionist.

Luggage trolley

Room No: 329 Category: Double Queen

From the lobby I took the elevators to the 3rd floor where my assigned room was located at. The elevators here are slow and one of them is shared with the service staff so guests could expect housekeeping staff with their trolley at times. This can mean substantial wait times for an elevator, which is not good when one might be in a hurry. The hallway of the hotel is basic for an airport hotel with a linear hallway. Arriving in the early afternoon, there seems to be a problem with wifi on arrival so it took some time to connect and there was other guests asking about the wifi problem in the lobby as I left the hotel.

Hotel layout

Room is quite small with little space to walk around, as it is equipped with 2 Queen sized beds. There was a small closet by the entryway with a storage console and a work desk along the wall. Underneath the TV console, there was a coffee maker, a small bar fridge and electric kettle. Furnishings in the room seems old and makes the space feel cramped.

Closet and TV console

Hilton Honors members get 2 bottled waters complimentary and they can be found on the work desk. It was also nice to see easily accessible power outlets and USB ports on the side of the desk, making this room suitable for business travellers.

Bottled water and power outlets by the desk

Between the 2 Queen beds there was a nightstand with reading lights for each bed and easily accessible light controls, making this comfortable for 2 guests sharing a room. There was another power outlet on the nightstand so guests can charge their devices easily before bedtime.

Nightstand between the bed

By the window, there was a small stool and a flimsy floor lamp. This space is not very useful nor comfortable, and it feels more like an afterthought. At best, the stool becomes practical as a luggage bench.

Stool by the window

Bathroom is brightly lit and has a standing shower stall, with a sliding door. Overall this is a configuration that I prefer compared to standard old bathtub shower. The modern bathroom was a nice contrast to the rest of the room.

Modern bathroom with shower stall

Fixtures in the shower stall consists of a handheld shower head and a rainshower head which was nice. Amenities provided in the bathroom were by Neutrogena, and were placed on the shelves above the toilet. While the bathroom was basic and not large, it was functional and probably the highlight of this hotel room.

Amenities by Neutrogena

As an airport hotel located in the suburbs, I have no high expectations in terms of views, and this room faces a parking lot, though one gets the view of the Bridgeport Skytrain station and the River Rock Resort in the distance. During my stay, I found the noise insulation to be quite poor as guests can listen in to the conversation next door, and the hallway can get noisy from the housekeepers doing their duties in the morning and early afternoon.

View from the room

Breakfast at the Hotel

The place is popular with travellers leaving for the airport in the morning and thus the lobby can get crowded in the morning when complimentary breakfast is served. Breakfast is in the form of a buffet, served in the breakfast room just beside the elevators. Guests are free to pick their own seating in the lounge.

Breakfast lounge

Coffee was served on the console right outside the elevators making it convenient for guests who want to skip the mediocre breakfast and head to the airport.

Coffee setup in the lobby

Buffet items were the breakfast basics here, starting with juice served from a dispenser and there was only the standard orange and apple juice choices. Next to the juice dispenser was fresh bananas and oranges along with individual servings of yogurts and hard boiled eggs. Cutleries provided for breakfast was low rent using plastic knives and forks with disposable paper plates and bowls

Juice dispenser at breakfast
Hard boiled eggs, fruits and yogurt

Cereal is also dispensed from large containers with 3 choices and 2% skimmed milk. I did not notice if any other kind of milk were available though they might be upon request only.

Cereal and milk

Hot food items served on the buffet includes a choice of sliced ham, pre-cooked omelets with peppers and diced potatoes. There was also a pot of oatmeal with various condiments.

Ham, omelets and potatoes
Oatmeal and condiments

At the corner there was a waffle station, where guests could dispense a cup of waffle batter and use the waffle pan to make their own waffle. Whipping cream, chocolate syrup and caramel is provided on the side as toppings.

Make your own waffle
Waffle with chocolate syrup

Finally, there was a selection of cookies, muffins, bagel, and toast for breakfast with jams and spreads provided in small individual sachets.

Muffins and toast

Breakfast served was average and there was really nothing on the buffet that was worth a second serving. Considering it was complimentary for all guests, I am not complaining but the place was noisy in the morning so it would not be my idea of an enjoyable breakfast. In retrospect, I should perhaps have breakfast at the lounge in the airport instead if I were taking an early morning flight.

Breakfast at Hampton Inn

Hotel Facilities

There was a small pantry where guests can purchase snacks and travel necessities but most of the lobby is taken up by a mix of tall stools and dining chairs as the lobby is also where the complimentary breakfast is served at.

Hotel pantry

There is also a small fitness centre located on the second floor of the hotel. Inside there was some exercise ball, a treadmill, a cycling station and a walking machine. Towels were provided inside along with a water dispenser.

Fitness centre

Parking is complimentary in the hotel with adequate parking spaces during my stay. However the real perk in staying in this hotel really is the complimentary airport shuttle that runs every half an hour with a break for lunch when the service is halted. Shuttle service departs at the 05 and 35 minutes mark arriving in the International terminal 10 mins later, so passengers wanting a pick-up should be ready to wait outside the departure area of the international terminal preferably by the 10 and 40 minutes mark.

Airport shuttle van

Final Word

Room rate for this one night stay was C$176++ per night (~$135++) which was not cheap considering the low rent furnishings and amenities in the hotel. If not for the need to do a PCR testing for travel at the airport or the need for easy access to the airport, this is not a hotel I can recommend. However for a one night stay to be close to the airport, this is an average hotel that is standard for a hotel chain that offers limited service.

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